Chargeur de voiture Pint

Chargeur de voiture Pint

À partir de
145,00 $ CA
À partir de
145,00 $ CA

Chargez votre Pint sur la route avec le chargeur de voiture Pint. Voici la bonne nouvelle, le chargeur de voiture Onewheel Pint donne du jus à votre planche plus rapidement que votre chargeur domestique standard. Prêt pour d'autres bonnes nouvelles? Sa conception de connecteur à 90 degrés personnalisée s'adapte parfaitement au support de voiture Onewheel pour une configuration de coffre ultime. Gardez votre planche au sommet avec le chargeur de voiture Pint.

Compatible avec Onewheel Pint

NON compatible avec Onewheel + et Onewheel + XR

10A allume-cigare requis. Temps de charge approximatif: 90 minutes

Charge your Pint on the go with the Pint Car Charger. Here's the good news, the Onewheel Pint Car Charger actually juices up your board faster than your standard Home charger. Ready for more good news? It's custom 90-degree connector design fits perfectly with the Onewheel Car Holder for the ultimate trunk setup. Keep your board topped off with the Pint Car Charger.
Compatible with Onewheel Pint
NOT compatible with Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR
10A cigarette lighter outlet required. Approx charge time: 90 minutes
À partir de
145,00 $ CA
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Étui résistant à l'eau pour radio

Waterproof housing for BbTALKIN units. The is a replacement part. IMPORTANT: If your case breaks and you continue to use it on the water, you will risk water entering the case compromising your BbTALKIN unit due to water damage. Do not try to repair your case if it cracks or breaks. Water damage is not covered under warranty. WARRANTY: From the date of purchase, the cases are covered for 6 months. Please see our warranty section for complete warranty details. Please follow our instructions carefully as you are using electronics on the water. It is important to always inspect your equipment after each use to make sure all seals are secure. If you are using during extreme sports and falls are taken with the equipment on, make sure your case did not incur any cracks or breaks. Water damage is not covered under warranty.

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temps de recharge: moins de 60 minutes Pour Onewheel XR

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Single sided helmet speaker pad with microphone for your GATH helmet by BbTALKIN USA. This helmet pad is designed to be used with our Advance Unit. You plug the boom microphone’s 3.5mm audio cable directly into your Advance Unit to establish communication. The microphone and speaker piece on the helmet pads are completely waterproof. The design of the helmet pad allows the flexibility to change out either the microphone piece or speaker piece if it becomes damaged over time. This pad fasten to the left side of your helmet by a marine grade Velcro. These are compatible with all GATH helmet’s that have full ear protection. They are not compatible with the GATH Gedi helmets.